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The Thought Card: Travel Tips and Wealth Building For Financially Savvy Travelers

Feb 27, 2021

Before you start writing your next book, set writing expectations that will help you cross the finish line. On Day 2 of the Author Series, I detail how to find the right time to write and how to identify your metrics of success.

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Dec 3, 2020

How has the pandemic affected self-published authors? In this episode, we chat with Michelle Jackson and Gertrude Nonterah about the challenges they have face writing books during the pandemic. They candidly share how they have pivoted their focus and what motivates them to continue writing despite the obstacles.

Apr 30, 2020

Do you dream of writing a book? In this episode, I share the behind-the-scenes of my book writing process and the important lessons I've learned as a new author. From working with a small publishing house to self-publishing my second book, listen in as I share some of the strategies that have helped me become a...