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The Thought Card: Travel Tips, Travel Hacking, and Personal Finance For Financially Savvy Travelers

Dec 21, 2023

Louisiana Northshore is a renowned travel destination known for its culinary delights and outdoor adventures. Discover upscale dining experiences, soft adventures, and exciting outdoor activities such as swamp tours, biking the Tammany Trace, and sailing in Mandeville. Only 45 minutes from New Orleans, The Northshore is...

Dec 14, 2023

Although saving for travel is a great way to make travel a financial priority, other ways to afford it should not be overlooked. One of these ways is to keep an eye out for flight deals, including the occasional mistake fare. Listen to this episode for everything you need to know about mistake fares: how to find them...

Nov 30, 2023

Cheap flight alerts have helped me save between 40-90% on airfare, and it was often the inspiration I needed to keep my finances organized to seize time-sensitive travel opportunities. 

Flight deal subscriptions might be the game-changer you've been missing, but I get it—you might be (a little) skeptical, so in this...

Nov 16, 2023

Today, we’re peeling back another layer of financially savvy travel. Often overshadowed by the appeal of spending less, listen to this episode to learn about the differences between wise spending and spending less and practical ways to make more informed financial decisions. 


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Nov 2, 2023

Money mindfulness unlocks the ability to travel more. Listen to this episode to discover what it means to be financially mindful, the benefits, and various ways to embrace money mindfulness in your everyday life and while traveling.

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