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The Thought Card: Travel Tips, Travel Hacking, and Personal Finance For Financially Savvy Travelers

Jan 2, 2020

Be on the lookout for Season 3 of The Thought Card Podcast with brand new episodes starting Thursday, March 5th.

Goals are important because they allow you to create your future today. Although a lot of people set financial goals every year, most people don't actually end up sticking to them because they get distracted along the way. So how do you set financial goals that you will achieve?

In this episode, I share easy ways to set yourself up for financial success by setting financial goals that are a good fit for your life right now. For additional goal setting tips, join my Setting Financial Goals Workshop where you'll get access to a 1-hour video and workbook for brainstorming your goal ideas. 

If you need additional help organizing your finances and budgeting, sign up for my Back to Budgeting Basics course.