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The Thought Card

Apr 8, 2021

Finding cheap flights is one way to travel more for less (and it’s a personal favorite). So how do I find the best airfare deals around?

Introducing Thrifty Traveler Premium a flight deal notification service. Today I’m thrilled that Jared Kamrowski, the founder, and CEO of Thrifty Traveler has joined me to share how to find the best flight deals and why it is worth the annual subscription. He also shares how the pandemic continues to impact the airline and credit card industry as well as predictions for post-pandemic travel.

Visit places you never thought you could afford by signing up for Thrifty Traveler Premium.

Don’t miss the bonus episode where Jared shares his favorite tools and resources for planning trips. Get access to this bonus episode and more by becoming a supporter of the show. I appreciate your support!

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